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UFC 107: What We’ve Learned

With another card in the books let’s take a look at the results and speculate what’s next for each fighter. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments section.

BJ Penn Defeats Diego Sanchez, Fifth Round TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

If there’s one thing that everyone will take away from this fight it’s that BJ Penn is going to be on top of the UFC’s lightweight division for a very long time to come. Penn set the pace early dropping Sanchez 30 seconds into the fight with a solid punch, and came very close to finishing it with some ground and pound.

The next four rounds were dominated by Penn, who constantly found the mark with punches and knees while avoiding every take-down attempt and dodging almost anything Sanchez could throw at him. The fight ended in the fifth round when Penn opened up a massive cut on Sanchez’s forehead above his left eye.

What’s Next for BJ Penn?

Frankie Edgar and Grey Manyard both fight in the same weight class as Penn, but neither fighter is in the same league. If Penn keeps this focus he cannot lose to anyone in his division. Perhaps Penn should looking into moving up a couple of weight classes and taking on Brock Lesnar.

What’s Next for Diego Sanchez?

Plastic surgery to fix one of the ugliest cuts I’ve seen in combat sports. A long talked about rematch with previous Penn victim Kenny Florian.

Frank Mir Defeats Chieck Kongo, First Round Submission (Guillotine Choke)

Frank Mir is back and bigger than ever. The former champ came into this fight at 264 lbs, 20 pounds heavier than his fight with Brock Lesnar, and it appeared to be all muscle. Mir made it look easy too, by slipping a Kongo punch, and answering with a right hook, 30 seconds into the first round. As Kongo fell and tried to get back up Mir sank in the fight winning choke and put Kongo to sleep.

What’s next for Frank Mir?

Mir reestablished himself as a top contender in a loaded division with the victory. Assuming Big Nog beats Cain Velasquez—something I see happening—I and many others would like to see a healthy Nog get his rematch with a bigger, stronger Mir.

What’s next for Chieck Kongo?

Two straight losses to top competition seems to relegate Kongo to a gate keeper role in the upper echelon of the heavyweight class. A fight against Junior Dos Santos or Gabriel Gonzaga seems likely.

Kenny Florian Defeats Clay Guida, Second Round Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

The technical Muay Thai striker used his boxing and new found wrestling skills to defeat fan-favorite Clay Guida. After saying goodbye to trainer Mark DellaGrotte, and shacking up with Firras Zahabi—one of the many trainers of Georges St. Pierre—Florian put on a striking clinic, cutting Guida with an elbow, dropping him with a right hook, and cinching in an RNC for the win.

What’s next for Kenny Florian

Florian is from Boston, Massachusetts, a state which just regulated Mixed Martial Arts. Florian and Diego Sanchez in Boston in August. Make it happen.

What’s next for Clay Guida?

A springboard for Sanchez and a rebound for Florian. Guida deserves to be in the Octagon with the lightweight division’s top competitors. It remains to be seen if he can beat them. Either Gray Manyard or Frankie Edgar is next for BJ Penn, whoever doesn’t get that shot should be fighting Guida.


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