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Why Big Country means Big Business

By: Erik Cunninghamroynelson  

 Roy Nelson is  many things. He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Renzo Gracie, A former International Fight League Heavyweight Champion, a portly man who resembles Santa Claus moreso than an athlete. Roy Nelson is all of those things.

   He is also the luckiest man in the world.

  Funny that I say that because in less than an  hour we’re going to see Big Country step into the ring against perhaps the scariest looking man on the face of the planet Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

   Certainly many of you have seen Slice before. He’s the big black guy, with the beard as big as a bird’s nest and the biceps as big a boat. The guy on youtube who beat up dudes at barbeques and is now a celebrity for it (just to point out this has yet to work out for my uncle.) The man who single handedly carried the Elite XC MMA promotion until Seth Petruzelli caught both Slice and the future of the company on the chin with a right hand. You know Kimbo Slice, and if you don’t ask your grandmother because I guarantee that she does.

  Slice fights do big business. Just ask CBS and Elite XC, two of Kimbo’s fights are in the top three most watched MMA fights ever (Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonner is the third.) So the fact that Nelson is even standing across the ring from Kimbo is a good thing.

  But if by some chance he beats Slice than Big Country is in for some Big Business.

  It is not really even that crazy to think that Nelson stands a chance against Slice. Nelson is the most accomplished fighter in a cast that has for the most part has very little professional MMA experience. He has held a title in a legitimate promotion and has amassed 13 wins in 17 professional fights.

  It should also be noted that Nelson is a very good fighter if and when the fight goes to the ground. He has the ability to end a fight with his fists and his submissions.  In his past fights Slice has shown he’s as good on the ground as a quadrepeligic in a swimming pool.

  It’s also completely possible that Nelson could walk into one of Slice’s heavy punches though, as he did against Andrei Arlovski on one of Kimbo’s Elite XC undercards last October.

  No matter what happens tonight though, it’s a win-win for Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Millions are going to at least be seeing his face tonight. What happens for Roy Nelson if millions see him with his hand raised?


One Response to “Why Big Country means Big Business”

  1. It was a good fight not as good as I would have liked Big Country did the only thing he could and that was put his weight to work. All & all pretty good episode.

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